Alternate Style Sheets

When we designing our web site style, have we think about whether others like our style? I guess it is not possible making a style which suits everyone’s taste. So why not letting the visitor selecting his own style? That is why Alternate Style Sheets become an important function in a web site.

The idea of alternate style sheet is that we will first prepare a few different style sheets to be the alternate. And then providing a drop down box within the web page allowing the user to choose the style he / she likes. And the preferences are stored in the cookies, so the next time he / she returns will be browsing in his / her favorites.

This method is not simply talking about suiting someone’s taste. It is also raising the accessibility of the web sites which is suggested by W3C. Because we can design styles which have larger fonts for the elderly, or design styles which have simpler color combinations for the people suffering color blindness.

Although it increases the workload designing the styles, it worths.


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