Depth Manager finished

I have finished the depth manager function already.
Also finished a few bug fixes.

It is not so easy to implement the depth manager actually.
The hardest part is not the logic, but the interface.

It seems that the components provided by Macromedia always have some funny bugs.
For the list component, replacing a list item will have some item rollover highlight problem.
So what we can do is simply destroying the whole list and rebuild again… quite odd…

Depth manager also done some depth cleaning on the page elements.
For example, you will notice that if you delete the depth 13 element and add new element.
It will have a depth 14… continuous development will cause many “gaps” in the depth.
Thats why right now the depth manager will do an automatic cleansing on the depths.

Tomorrow will spend time on my FYP presentation slides.
So wont be able to finish up the version 1.0 final this week.
Sorry to all the supporters ~_~