Flex FAQ #5: 點樣做 Full Screen Application

Flex application 有一個特點就係可以完全跳出 web browser o既框架
Adobe AIR 當然係其中一種做法~
但係 Flash player 本身 support full screen mode
所以直接用 full screen mode 就比起 AIR 直接同快喇~!

要用 full screen mode 首先要改動 SWFObject 或者 Object tag
主要係加入 allowFullScreen 呢個 parameter
以 Flex Builder o既 HTML template 為例


Object tag: (要留意加左兩個地方~!)

之後 within Flex application 就可以利用 stage.displayState 開動 full screen

如果想做到 toggle full screen effect 可以利用簡單既 if… else… statement

但係要留意一點~ Full screen mode o既所有 text field 係唔可以 edit 架…
講真… 咁o既 limitation 可以話將個 application 廢左武功…
暫時都無解決辦法… Astro 都唔得…

Adobe Labs - Flash Player 10 Beta Release Notes

Limited Fullscreen Keyboard Access — In Flash Player 10, key events are supported for non-printing keys such as arrows, shift, enter, tab, space, etc. Limited access to the keyboard will allow fullScreen games and video controls with keyboard access in a secure way.

背後o既原因係擔心有人 develop 假既 OS login page…
都好無奈… 如果咁既話所有 web browser o既 full screen mode 都應該 disable text input…

Adobe Labs - Talk:Flash Player:9:Update:Full-Screen Mode

When considering this feature, several security concerns impacted our decisions for this first release. The reason keyboard input was blocked was to help prevent phishing attacks using Flash, where full-screen is used to simulate a log-in screen, someone else’s website, etc. This also impacted our decision to add the overlay to visually inform the user that something had changed and they were in a new state.

English title: How to develop full screen application