Google 同 Yahoo! improve Flash indexing

今日 Google o係 webmaster central blog 公布左佢地已經 improve 左 Flash content 既 indexing power
所有 version 既 Flash content o係唔需要改動既情況底下都可以得到更好既 indexing result

同一時間 Adobe 亦o係 Adobe Developer Center 發表左 SWF searchability FAQ
裡面除左有耳熟能詳既 marketing slogan 之外

The openly published SWF specification describes the file format used to deliver rich applications and interactive content via Adobe Flash Player, which is installed on more than 98 percent of Internet-connected computers

以及 Yahoo! 都會於稍後 update search engine

的確~ 咁多年以黎 Flash 都比人彈 SEO
每一次我幫人做 project analysis 既時候
第一句都係問 “application base” 定 “content base”
今次呢個 news 的確幾吸引~
我地係唔係唔再需要寫特登寫 XHTML version / XSL / 一大堆 supportive AS?!?!

At least… Munsang Biology web d content 仲未 index 到~ 哈哈

Anyway~ should be a great start!


Improved Flash indexing by Google Webmaster Central Blog

SWF searchability FAQ by Adobe Developer Center