Google Sitemaps (Beta)

I guess everyone already trying Andy’s CityU Web Hacker event. Usually what we can do will be simply using meta tag or submitting to those web engines. However, can we be even more active to direct the search engine to crawl our site?

Google Sitemaps (Beta) is a brand new technology from Google which allows web administrators to guide Google how to crawl our web!

The logic is very simple and worth to try! First you must own a Google account (e.g. gmail), login to the system. And then submit your web’s sitemap using XML format. The format of the XML file is detaily described here.

After submitting the sitemap, a simple verification is still needed before it really works. Finally after a few days, you can check the statistics it provided to see how and when google crawl your site!I am still testing this technology too, so anyone who works please share :p