I am sure many classmates are still trying their best to reach Google.

Here is another tool which I explored and it is quite useful. It is the GoogleRankings.

Although it is called GoogleRankings, it is not only focusing on Google. Actually it is a web application which can acheive the following.

  1. Analyse the web given whether it has a well written source code. e.g. Has it used the TITLE tag, META description tag, META keyword tag, etc.

  2. Analyse the web content, and resulting the most frequently used words within the content. (It will automatically skip the “stop” words)

  3. Having a search in a few famous search engine and returns the web’s ranking and popularity based on the keywords.

Using this tool, we can find out whether our web have a good SEO state or not. If not, we can have some further modifications.

One thing to remind is that in order to use this tool, it is necessary to have a Google API key which is obtainable using any email within this web page.

Good luck being crawl~~!!