I am going to Adobe MAX to MIN (Blog Entry for MAXUP)

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Ben Watson’s We Demo You Going to MAX

Well… The title seems stupid but the actual meaning is not. I am going to Adobe MAX to learn more from the conference and from the other participates. (Of course I will share, in case I am not the least knowledgable one in the event) With that knowledge I can develop even more applications (mainly open source~ nah), so that all the users can minimize their effort, their pain, their time in making great works. That is why I am going to MAX to MIN~

Okay~ Is time talking back the application that I have done in previous year. My application is called FLABER (FLAsh-based web BuildER), it is a pure Flash RIA scripted in ActionScript 2 with PHP as server support. In short, this application allows web owners to easily build a website using Flash technology even if they don’t know how to program in Flash. We have done a testing that even a 10 years old girl can make up her own Flash web site.

Originally this project is started as my final year project in City University of Hong Kong. (in other words… homework…) Since the first public release in SourceForge, I received many great feedbacks from the public. That is why I made FLABER now as an open source product so that everyone can benefits from it.

Okay~ too many words… here comes some screenshots.

The following shows a web that I made using FLABER.

Actually it looks like a normal web page but it have on stage controls.

For larger images and details, please do a visit to the FLABER Wiki

Of course a live-demo is also available here.

Actually there’s more for FLABER, that is FARSER (Flaber-xhtml pARSER). This is a PHP program written by one of my friend Tim SHIU. The function can be easily guessed using the program name. It can turn any web done by FLABER into W3C valid XHTML documents with single click~!

You can experience yourself right here
Well~ I hope everyone will enjoy using my application~

P.S. A new version is on-the-way coding from zero using ActionScript 3. And of course, I will use any more advanced technologies that I learned in Adobe MAX.

And here comes my portrait~ captured in Osaka, Japan.