Local FLABER and plugin

After the release of 1.0 RC3, originally I have planned to start the development of 1.1.
However due to the great needs of the plugin docking section, RC4 will be out soon.

Plugin is a very large part in FLABER.
Because it allows others to develop their own things and then plug into FLABER.
So I have spend quite much time in planning how this one should be implemented.
After some discussions with my 2 great advisor Tim and Chris,
I have a very brief outline right now in my mind.
Later you will know how the logic works

Chris is also helping me in another stream of FLABER, that is the local running possibility.
This means that FLABER will have two version in the future.
One will require a PHP server to run, while another one can run locally.
In this way, users can use FLABER offline and then upload after finishing development.

The local one will probably make use of C# as the local programming language.
Research is in the progress on how C# and Flash can communicate.