New Developers??

From now on I will try to give developer’s diary of FLABER right here.
So that anyone can have some idea how’s FLABER goes on~

Actually right now I am developing FLABER version 1.0 Final.
And it is nearly half way I guess.
Basically the main idea of 1.0 Final is to bug fixing and make it usable.

What I mean usable is that you will be able to do the most common things in FLABER.
For example, changing the page elements’ depth and uploading of images.

Dont expect very great new features at the moment.
They will be coming in version 1.1 in the future.
Yesterday I received an email from Clauido who is interested in working with me in FLABER.
In current stage (version 1.0), I will not change the development team structure yet.
Because it is hard for anyone to follow the bunch of codes I already implemented.
I will push the changing to version 1.1 when I try to rebuild FLABER from zero.

In version 1.1 my friend Tim Shiu will help in the development.
I will try to find more people involves too, maybe Clauido~