This version is a simple upgrade of the prototype 0.1, which involves the editing and saving function.

The workflow is as follows:

  1. User using the original Flash navigation menu
  2. User suddenly want to change the menu layout
  3. User click on the “Action Mode” button
  4. Flash changes to “Edit Mode”
  5. User can drag and drop the navigation items anywhere they want
  6. User click on the “Save Settings” button
  7. User click on the “Edit Mode” Button / Reload the Flash
  8. User can use the new modified navigation menu

The hardest part here is to define a well XML exporting mechanism, because all the other components, e.g. page contents will use the same mechanism.In the next version, I will be focusing on the messaging section. That is showing the system messages. It is a small part however important to let the user know whats going on.

And then the page content part will be done. And finally the page building and linking section. All of these will probably wrap up as prototype 1.0 which I hope can be finished before starting of semester B.