After the text problems… is better to get back to the track. The prototype 0.3 is finally finished~~!! With the well written message box class, all the messages like system error, notification or tooltips can be shown to the user in a clear way.

The function here is simple.

  • When a message appears, the message box will pop out at the bottom.
  • After a few seconds, it will disappear.
  • If user rolls over, it will appear again.
  • Clicking on it will bring out the message history with corresponding timestamps.
  • Clicking again will just reverse the result.

The next prototype will be working on more important page contents which should be a easier way to go. (I hope so…)

Furthermore, with the better knowledge in textformats and stylesheets. The working principle of the WYSIWYG text editor which will be used for the editing of text contents is already in my mind.

The brief mechanism is to use the textformat class. It involves the catching of user’s highlighting area and applying the formats. And at last it can be used to export back HTML codes which can be used in the HTML section of the project.