The Form Assembly

HTML Form, I guess anybody who written some web pages before should be familiar. It is not a really hard one actually. With some form elements like input, select, options, etc… the form already works. However is it usable and accessible? Have you done enough form validation? Have you provide enough labels for the form elements?

Building a good HTML form is not a easy task, especially if you want to follow those standards. Googling for a while, found out this web which is great to achieve the mentioned points above. The Form Assembly (

Same as other informational web sites, there are articles and tutorials on building the web forms. But my focus are on the three links on the left hand side of the web.

Form Builder

A web tool which will help you to build your form in a standard format. What you have to do is just filling your requirements and thats it.

Form Library

Here you can access a large number of templates with different stlye and even different language.

Form Garden

Personally I suggest this to everyone, which is a CSS form builder. You can select the styles available on the right and test it in the center. After your selection, you can simply download the CSS and use it in your own web page.

It is so convenient with all these handy tools and the most important thing is that we can learn from their source and design :p