Web Pages That Suck

Learning from others is the best way to learn something. At least I think so. Sometimes we dont only look at those good designs, but also the bad ones. So that we will keep in mind that we will not follow them.

Web Pages That Suck is a web that provide bad design examples to the visitors. So that you can learn what are the DOs and DONTs in web design and usability. You may visit and learn from them daily in the sector - Daily Sucker or you can read some of the articles that they distributed.One of the point that they mentioned is quite good. That is the 5 Wheres

Where am I?
Where have I been?
Where can I go next?
Where’s the Home Page?
Where’s the Home Home Page?

We cannot expect the visitor will be a regular one. So we must do our best so that the visitor can familiar himself in our web asap, otherwise we lost. Flash is a very popular web technology nowadays. However using it wrongly will eventually crash the whole structure. Flash-DB is one of the example that I met. You can see all the contents are Flash made which are very fancy. But when you try to browse further, you probably will get lost. Because it cannot fullfill the 5 Wheres.

To conclude when we try to use some fancy things. We still need to think about the whole framework, else we sucks…