Welcome to my Final Year Project Blog.

The establishment of here is to acheive the following:

  1. Allow my FYP supervisor (Dr. Andy CHUN) to know my latest progress, give comments and guidelines.

  2. Allow my classmates to know what I am currently working on and share ideas.

Progress in September

In September, I have done a very brief research on my topic, that is the Flash based personal content management system. (I am thinking if it is good to change the title to FlashBlog which is shorter :p) I found that there are only one to two companies in this world developed or developing this kind of product. Further their product is not so rigid and user friendly. So I guess I will base on their product to work on mine.I have written the project plan draft which stated my FYP objectives, planned research areas and most importantly my schedule. (You can view them through the links on the right)

How about now?

Now, I am trying to find the best framework to work on my FYP. I have written Flash and Actionscripts for around 6 - 7 years already. However I never tried any special model or framework. What I did before is simply using a bunch of functions…

Starting from last week, I tried to build my very first Flash Class using Object-oriented approach. (Yup… my first time to do so… my OO knowledge is bad, so this time I asked my classmate Tim SHIU to give me a short tutorial on this XD thanks~)

My testing application is like this:

  • A simple bookmark application
  • Feed data using XML
  • Contains three classes mainly (Bookmark, BookmarkCategory and BookmarkLink)

Written for around 4 days and finished already. However the class design is still not perfect. The problem is as follows:

  • BookmarkCategory class contains a movieclip which act as an interface to display
  • The movieclip itself has an onpress event handler
  • However the event handler cant use back the BookmarkCategory class functions… -,-

Yesterday I finally got the solution from various experts in the actionscript.org forum. The method is to make the BookmarkCategory itself an extended MovieClip class, and then override the onpress function…. =.=|||

I will modify my class tomorrow and hope that the class will be perfect :p

After that I think I will start my requirement specification and application flow design. Hope I can catch up my schedule.